C2C - Barnabas Bible study guide


C2C - Barnabas Bible study guide


Barnabas Bible study guide

Christopher Brearley

72-page booklet, 210x148mm

ISBN: 978-1-85345-911-5

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A leader of the Early Church, Barnabas features only briefly in the New Testament -- yet how much we can learn from his example. There is a tremendous need for encouragement in today’s Church.
All God’s people will, at some stage, face difficulties in their lives and the strength that comes from active encouragement from others is essential.

In this incisive new study, Christopher Brearley challenges his readers to consider how best they can encourage one another. But this requires a shift in our attitudes. Are we willing to be people like Barnabas who refuse to give up on others even when they make mistakes, delight in the successes of others and give generously to those in genuine need? Ultimately, God has a plan for each one of us in His Church and it is important to play our part as an encourager within it.

Seven sessions with icebreakers, discussion starters, leader’s notes and more.