C2C - Daniel - Living boldly for God


C2C - Daniel - Living boldly for God


Daniel - Living boldly for God

by Christine Platt

72-page paperback, 210x148mm

ISBN: 978-1-85345-986-3

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Living boldly for God

The core message of the story of Daniel is that God is in control. Daniel was taken to a country which was hostile to his faith and his culture, but he still lived boldly for God and this story is relevant to us today. Powerful entities and interest groups strive for our attention and our buying power. Just as Daniel’s environment militated against his faith, so ours often does today.

Daniel resisted the temptation to culturalise and adopt Babylonian beliefs and customs, in spite of the fact that this nearly cost him his life. He remained faithful to God and chose not to conform. We can learn from his courage as we make our own choices in seeking to live for God and communicate our faith to those around us.

Christine Platt’s passion for writing started in Ivory Coast, West Africa where she worked with The Navigators. She now lives in New Zealand and enjoys all the freedom and opportunities that semi-retirement brings! Mission involvement is never far away. She travels regularly to East Timor, taking teams to support the church in its courageous witness to war-ravaged people. Her life goal is to make the Bible accessible, by both writing and speaking, so that people may understand more of God’s outrageous grace.