C2C - Elisha Bible study


C2C - Elisha Bible study


Elisha Bible study - A lesson in faithfulness

Christopher Brealey

72-page paperback, 148x210mm

ISBN: 978-1-78259-494-9

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Elisha was called by God to succeed Elijah and continue the fight against idolatry in the land of Israel. In some ways, he was unique.

Nevertheless, a study of his life teaches us many vital lessons. He was thoroughly devoted to serving his God whatever the cost. Even on his deathbed, he emphasized the need of zeal for God.
Elisha walked closely with God and through faith experienced His power, protection and provision.

Where is the God of Elisha today?

The answer is that He is wherever someone will act in faith.

Many of God's people, in every generation, have discovered that where the Holy Spirit intervenes there is no problem that is too great.