C2C - Isaiah 40-66 Bible Study


C2C - Isaiah 40-66 Bible Study


Isaiah 40–66 Bible study - Prophet of restoration

by John Houghton

72-page booklet, 210x148mm

ISBN: 978-1 85345-550-6

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Understand Isaiah's powerful message of God's holiness and mercy

It looked like the end of nationhood for God's people as they faced a punishment they most surely deserved.

But Isaiah saw beyond Judah's captivity by the Babylonians to a time of remarkable restoration.

As part of this, they would rediscover God's purpose for them – to be His servant; a destiny that would in due course be enshrined in one Man, Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah and the Saviour of the world.

This Bible study helps us to understand Isaiah's powerful message: that God is a holy God who cannot ignore sin, but One who also displays amazing grace and mercy, and a longing to enjoy restored relationship with us.

"In-depth, clear and thought-provoking. These Bible studies will help you to understand more of God's Word and know Him more deeply."
– Rev David R Coffey, President of the Baptist World Alliance