C2C - JOSEPH Bible Study


C2C - JOSEPH Bible Study


Joseph Bible study - The power of forgiveness and reconciliation

Elizabeth Rundle

62-page, A5 booklet

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Explore the geography, theology and humanity found in one of the Bible's most popular passages.

Gain new insights into this beautifully crafted story that deals with many of the issues we confront today.

And be inspired and challenged to identify with Joseph and see Jesus more clearly as the sovereign God who rules over all. Seven stimulating sessions are supported by leader's notes, opening ice-breakers, Bible references, discussion starters, a 'Seeing Jesus in the Scriptures' section and suggestions for personal application.

Ideal for group or individual study.


Elizabeth Rundie is a Methodist minister. After serving churches in Cornwall and London, she now concentrates on a writing ministry.

She has also led pilgrimages to the Holy Land and the occasional church weekend.