C2C - RUTH Bible Study


C2C - RUTH Bible Study


Ruth Bible study - Loving kindness in action

Elizabeth Rundle

72-page, A5 booklet

ISBN: 978-1-85345-231-4

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Be inspired and motivated into stronger faith, visionary hope and loyal love – for God and others.

This challenging study will enhance your Christian witness in daily life.

The central themes of the book of Ruth are trust, loyalty, kindness and God's faithfulness.

In this moving story, these great themes stand alongside issues we face today: poverty, bereavement, childlessness, racial tension and human rights.

Seven stimulating sessions are supported by leader's notes, opening ice-breakers, Bible references, discussion starters, a 'Seeing Jesus in the Scriptures' section and suggestions for personal application.

Ideal for group or individual study.


Elizabeth Rundle is a Methodist minister in North-East London. She has contributed to religious programmes on regional radio and television and also for BBC Radio's Prayer for the Day.

Elizabeth has authored and compiled five books of daily readings, written for various magazines, created worship material and led pilgrimages to the Holy Land.