Bible60 - The Whole Story


Bible60 - The Whole Story


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In his introduction, Andy Peck says that with this book he cuts ‘the long story of the Bible into a shorter one’. His aim is to provide the crucial parts of the narrative and look at the key turning points in the overall story to give his readers a clear idea of how it all fits together.

Bible60 includes thirty readings from the Old Testament and thirty from the New, with Andy providing insightful notes that point to their place in the story of God’s people.

Andy clearly shows the common themes that run throughout in order to help readers truly grasp the message of the Bible. His hope is that this book will deposit a hunger in its readers to find out more -- to dig deeper into the Bible for themselves. Questions provided at the end of each day to prompt further thought and prayer.

Perfect for those new to faith -- or for anyone who wants to see how the Bible’s narrative really works.

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