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Biblical Meditations

EVENT: Biblical Meditations
SPEAKER: Rev Andrew Shreeve
DATE: 29 Sep
TIME: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

FEE: $10 (includes $5 voucher for purchase)

As a teacher and evangelist to the body of Christ, Andrew expounds God's Word to equip the saints to better understand: God's righteousness, love, faith, mercy, grace, peace and power. 

Andrew teaches the powerful kingdom principles of spiritual, seed-time and harvest and Christian meditation. Andrew's desire is for the body of Christ to mature to better receive God's love and power, and be protected from the attacks of the devil spirits. Andrew’s vision is for the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of the Lord’s covenant blessings, to be adorned with precious stones, and to share the richness of this blessing of God’s kingdom to those who still sit in darkness. 

  • Definition of Biblical meditation
  • Biblical basis for New Testament meditation
  • Why is Biblical meditation important?
  • What Scriptures should we meditate?
  • The benefits of Biblical meditation
  • Demonstration of Biblical meditation
  • Workshop to practice Biblical meditation

About Rev Andrew Shreeve

Reverend Andrew J. Shreeve is an international travelling minister to the body of Christ. Andrew is a graduate of Murdoch University, Perth, Australia with an Arts degree majoring in Theology.

Since 2000 Andrew has obeyed the call of God, as an international author, publisher, teacher and preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; successfully completing more than 120 international mission trips, preaching more than 1,500 times internationally in 20 nations of the Pacific, Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. More than 12,000 of Andrew's books have been distributed and translated into 7 languages.