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  • ALBY OFFICE #04-32 115A Commonwealth Drive Singapore, 149596 Singapore (map)

Event Title: LAW & GRACE
Date: 26 May 2016
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm


$10 (includes $5 voucher)

Super or hyper grace teaching is gaining both adherents and detractors across continents and denominations. Those in support of this teaching find new liberty from guilt and condemnation in its emphasis on the grace of God; while others question the denigration of the law of God and the manner in which Scripture is interpreted. 

Without a doubt, the message has mass appeal; with the messengers who deliver the teaching being both charming and eloquent greatly aiding the cause. 

  • Is this a fresh revelation from God, or a deception of the devil? 
  • Why is Grace teaching so compelling, yet divisive? 
  • Are law and grace—both of God—truly opposed to each other? 
  • What is the root issue over which we are all concerned? 

Canon Daniel Tong will attempt to answer these questions and more.

About Canon Daniel Tong

Married and father of three, Daniel Tong entered the pastoral ministry in 1987. Ordained in 1993, he remains faithfully in service with the Diocese of Singapore. 
Publishing his first manuscript in 1993, Daniel has since published a number of other works, and is grateful to God for the privilege. 

His titles include: Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs, Biblical Approach to Fengshui & Divination and Praying Right.