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  • ALBY EVENTS #05-09 111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza Singapore, 179098 Singapore (map)

Speaker: Goh Swee Eng

Date: 30 Aug Wed
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

              111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza #05-09 (City Hall MRT)
              (Parking available at Capitol Piazza. $3 per entry after 6pm)

Fee: $10 (includes $5 voucher)

Are pills and medication really God's best for dealing with our emotional state? 
Should we simply accept the world's wisdom that our emotions are controlled by chemicals in our brain and body - that pills are the best way for treatment? 
Do anti-depressants reach the root of emotional crisis?

The ministry of Dr Dieter K. Multize who is currently director of Deeper Love Ministries since 1998 has sounded the trumpet a decade ago to stir the church to return to the One who alone has the words of eternal life. He authored the book Pills for the Soul first published in 2005.

His views and positions are that the healing presence of Christ is far superior to any drug or “fixing brains rather than healing souls” ways. Deeper Love Ministries is dedicated to “healing prayer” to demonstrate the power of God’s Spirit in Jesus’ Name.

Swee Eng with her 30 years of healthcare experience resonates with Dr Multize teaching. 
Come and hear her sharing through this perspective.

Swee Eng is a trained nurse having worked in different care settings from hospital to community over 30 years. She received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in 1971 and never looked back in her quest to integrate faith and life including nursing. She worships at Church of our Saviour since 1994.

She studied at the Singapore Bible College for 4 years to make sense of her life work, suffering and sickness and the Bible’s view of them. She can testify that Christ is indeed her Wisdom having learnt that health and diseases are issues that God cares deeply about only if we look hard and long enough to understand God’s principles and apply them in our daily life. 

That includes learning from other people whether it is through books [yes a bookworm] and through lectures or even from the people around her. To her, the Bible is the greatest textbook on health and nursing. She believes in lifelong learning and currently on an intriguing journey learning more on emotional and mental health [something her nursing school taught me very little], and to integrate whatever she knows about health and healing.

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