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Title: ISRAEL: A LIGHT UNTO THE NATIONS - Why Israel matters to the Church’s understanding of the Bible

Speaker: Wan Lai Meng
Date:15 May WED
Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Venue: ALBY Events
               111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza #05-09 (City Hall MRT)
               (Parking available at Capitol Piazza. $3 per entry after 6pm on weekdays)

Fee: $15 (includes $5 voucher)
For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth. (Acts 13:47)

Israel is a topic ignored in the study of the Bible in most churches. “Why care about a subject that is irrelevant to the Church today?” sums up the majority attitude of Christianity past and present. However, we ignore so important a topic to our detriment.
How do we know God is faithful? Can we believe that God keeps His promise? Yes, God demonstrates His faithfulness and His unflinching covenant-keeping nature through His dealing with Israel. The LORD Himself, as promised, brought the Jewish people back to the Land (in the last days) after nearly 2,000 years of dispersion? Do we know the times we are living in?
It may be a surprise to many that God created Israel in Genesis, and the Bible ends with Israel in the last book, Revelation. The Church, or the Body of Christ, on the other hand, was created at Pentecost in Acts 2, and is absent from Revelation after chapter 3 till Jesus’ return in Revelation 19.
Why should we care about Israel? “Israel” is important for a correct understanding of the Bible - it unlocks and unveils God’s plan of the ages, His love and faithfulness is demonstrated in His dealing with His ancient, yet modern, people. Finally, a study of Israel will lead to tremendous blessings on us.

About Wan Lai Meng

Born and educated in Singapore, Wan Lai Meng moved to Perth, Australia with his family in 1998. For nearly 30 years he held senior executive positions in several multi-national companies. He became a born-again Christian in 1986, and served in various capacities in the church in Singapore.

 After taking up seminary studies to improve his understanding of the Bible and to minister more effectively in his church, he decided to exit the business world to focus more intensely on the study of God's Word, the Bible, in 1997. Now ministering in small groups he is involved in preaching and teaching in both Singapore and Perth, Australia.

He has spent the last ten years in an intensive study of the Bible and has developed a great love for Israel and the Jewish people. Out of which led him to writing the book ISRAEL A LIGHT UNTO THE NATIONS to illuminate the Church's understanding of Israel and to support and pray for her.

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