Seasons - Embracing the rhythms of life


Seasons - Embracing the rhythms of life


by Lynn Penson

96-page paperback, 148x210mm

ISBN: 978-1-85345-605-3

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Learn to move to God's rhythm 

This 6-session, Bible-based workbook will enable you to recognise the different spiritual 'seasons' that come and go in life – times of activity and fulfilment as well as times of stillness and rest.

  • Discern God's rhythms and move at His pace.
  • See the blessings and challenges that each spiritual 'season' offers
  • Discover where you are now on your spiritual journey.

Biblical studies, personal testimonies and probing questions will help you to live in harmony with the seasons of life.

Great for individual or group use.

Lynn Penson brings her background in theology, education, counselling and Myers-Briggs® personality type training to her role as a tutor for CWR, along with her experience of RE teaching, lecturing at Bible college and various roles within her local church. She leads CWR's women’s ministry, Myers–Briggs®-related courses and marriage enrichment courses, and is also involved in CWR's pastoral care courses.