Episode 1 & 2 - Lessons on Courage and Accepting Others


Episode 1 & 2 - Lessons on Courage and Accepting Others


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English, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Korean, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish plus English - Audio Description for the Blind.

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Episode 1

In Long Journey, Macky and his family risk the wrath of the Romans by taking two young refugee girls into their home. Through their exploits and retelling of their people’s stories - Daniel in the lions’ den, and Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish - we learn the importance of being courageous and helping others.

Episode 2

In A Friend in High Places, Macky rescues an aristocratic Roman girl, Portia. With help from Portia, Macky and his family foil a money-making scheme run by the evil Tobias and Brutacus. Through their experiences and retelling of the dramatic Bible stories of Samson and Delilah, and Peter’s friendship with Cornelius, we discover how important it is to listen to God and love others.

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