Episode 6 & 7 - Lessons on Taking a Stand and Being a True Friend


Episode 6 & 7 - Lessons on Taking a Stand and Being a True Friend


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Episode 6

In Sweet Freedom, Macky and the gang plan to rescue some slaves forced to work in the Roman granaries. Through their experiences and retelling of their people’s stories – Moses and the Egyptian Slavemaster and Saul on the Road to Damascus – we learn the importance of taking a stand and choosing the right path.

Episode 7

In Lost in Alexandria, little Leah goes missing in the back streets of the city and is tricked into enslavement in a sweatshop run by Toadie. With help from Portia, Macky works to foil the scheme, and the retelling of the stories of Ruth and Naomi and The Parable of the Good Samaritan helps us discover how important it is to accept others and be a true friend.

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