Youth Revival


Youth Revival


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Following the hugely successful debut album “We Are Young & Free” that hit #1 on Billboard Christian/Gospel Chart, Hillsong Young & Free is back with their second full length live album recorded at their home church in Sydney, Australia.

YOUTH REVIVAL is the sophomore record from Y&F. They set out to progress from their debut release ‘We Are Young And Free’ by writing songs that are timely for this generation in this moment in history. The good news of Jesus Christ is the hope for humanity, ‘Youth Revival’ is about presenting this truth to the world and giving people an opportunity to respond. The songs invite the listener to journey our on-going salvation with themes of us all as humanity being created with a purpose, the reality and wrestle of our fallen nature, the ultimate rescue to save our souls and both the process and finality of our redemption.

"YOUTH REVIVAL could look like a contagious awaking among a people who defy the cultural grain. When the world would try and pull us this way or that way, we would choose to stand in who God has called us to be"  Alexander Pappas ‪#‎YOUTHREVIVAL

"YOUTH REVIVAL could look like a generation of young people who know what they're about.. They're not swayed by the "cool" things or caught up in the opinions of their peers but are defined by what they know.. And that is Jesus. A confidence in themselves strong enough to shift and redefine youth culture.."  Aodhan King ‪#‎YOUTHREVIVAL

 "YOUTH REVIVAL could look like so many hearts finding their salvation in all of its fullness and beauty... the whole world could not help but pay attention to it, the history books would forever record it and future generations would be changed because of it."  Laura Toggs ‪#‎YOUTHREVIVAL

CD + DVD Song Trax

  • Where You Are
  • Real Love
  • Only Wanna Sing
  • Face To Face
  • To My Knees
  • Trust
  • Never Alone
  • When The Fight Calls
  • Falling Into You
  • This Is Living
  • In Your Eyes
  • Passion

(Bonus Trax) Where You Are. Includes FULL LENGTH DVD WORSHIP RECORDING. Available in CD+DVD S$18.90 excludes GST.


YOUNG & FREE is a collective of young people who come together to make music for youth and young adults everywhere. With hearts to bring truth to this generation, they sing passionately of their belief grounded in the love, grace and freedom found in having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their dream is that through the message that they bring, people everywhere would discover the very reason that they were created.