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  • ALBY OFFICE #04-32 115A Commonwealth Drive Singapore, 149596 Singapore (map)


Simple and effective techniques to help you read deeper and understand better

Speaker: Stephen Chan
Date: 23 July
Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Venue: ALBY OFFICE  #04-32

FEE: $30 (inclusive of $10 voucher and Notes)

FREE! Cover to Cover Bible Study (worth $10) for the first 15 paid registrants!

Do you feel that the Bible is difficult to read, hard to understand or are unable to piece together what you read into a coherent story?
Do you desire to have a richer and deeper experience when you read the Bible?

Sign up for this workshop where you will learn simple and effective techniques to overcome the common challenges of studying the Bible.

Taught by a regular Christian for regular Christians, this workshop will enhance the way you read the Bible. Participants can expect a highly interactive and hands-on session conducted in a relaxed and casual setting.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare for Bible study, including what to read, how to choose an appropriate version of the Bible and where to find cheap or free resources to help you understand difficult words and concepts
  • How to decide which tools to get such as concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, maps and how to use them without getting overwhelmed
  • Important background information on some of the “difficult” books of the Bible and how to approach them in your reading
  • How to see much more in the text by using key words and context to reveal details that enhance your understanding
  • Techniques to interpret Bible passages

In addition, you will be taken on a journey through the pivotal events in from Genesis to Revelations, with the genealogy of major characters unfolding alongside. This unique overview of the Bible is crucial to help you understand Bible passages in their context and avoid misinterpretation.
There will be an actual Bible study session for participants to have fun practising and trying out these new skills, so that everyone who completes the course will be better equipped to have a more enjoyable personal Bible Study.

This workshop is recommended for new Christians who are just starting to study the Bible and Christians who desire to bring their Bible reading experience to a deeper level. 

About Stephen Chan

The trainer, Stephen Chan has been teaching the Word for more than 10 years in various settings including Children's Ministry and Vacation Bible Camps. A technologist by profession who has worked for multinational banks and the government, he now spends his time teaching children, youths and adults on how to have personal bible studies and how to lead family devotions. He has written two children's devotion books Christmas: The Rescue Mission and Exams, Bullies and other scary words.Stephen’s passion is for Christians to hear God for themselves through self-study of the Word.