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Your Kingdom Come – a Paradigm Shift for the Church

  • ALBY OFFICE #04-32 115A Commonwealth Drive Singapore 149596 Singapore (map)

28, 29 & 30 July (Thu, Fri & Sat)

9:30am to 5:30pm  @ ALBY OFFICE  #04-32

$60 (inclusive of a 150-page workbook and $15 voucher)

Limited to 20 participants with interactive discussions

The Bible talks about 3 kingdoms – God’s Kingdom, Satan’s kingdom, and the kingdoms of this world. 
Jesus came to destroy the devil and take back all authority in heaven and on earth. The end of history has already been written : the kingdoms of the world will come under the Kingdom of God and Jesus will reign forever on this earth (Dan.2:34-35, 44, Rev.11:15). 

This workshop examines the conflict between the 3 kingdoms and the dynamics involved in the advance of God’s Kingdom on earth. Although eschatology and spiritual warfare will be involved, the main focus of this workshop however is for us to have a clear understanding of the role that God has for us – for His Kingdom to come on earth.  

We will examine these foundational issues: 

*Why did God create us? 
*Has God switched to plan B (salvation from this world) or is He still working on plan A (His kingdom on earth)? 
*What did Jesus mean by “the Kingdom of God” and “church”? 
*What does it mean for God’s kingdom to come on earth? 
*What is the role of the church in relation to God’s Kingdom? 
*How are nations to be discipled? 
*Where and how do I fit into God’s Kingdom agenda? 
*Is it enough if I am actively participating in church and involved in missions? 
*Is it enough if my church is growing? 

The Kingdom that Jesus kept talking about, was not about us going to heaven after we die, nor about church growth, but about His Kingdom and His rule coming on earth.  Billions of Christians all over the world pray the Lord’s prayer – for God’s Kingdom to come, and yet have no idea, or fuzzy ideas what that means. 

Before the Kingdom can come, we need clarity and a paradigm shift from an introverted church growth focus to a vision for God’s Kingdom advance on earth. 

There are 3 parts to this workshop

Part 1
Worldview and its place in culture
Ideas rule the world – worldview, beliefs, values, choices, behavior and consequences – truth or deception – freedom or strongholds – abundant life or death – stagnation or progress of cultures and nations – the history of the world from the worldview of the Kingdom. 

Part 2
Our Christian worldview
Genesis mandate – heaven-focused, church-centered inner piety “salvation from this world” worldview – withdrawal from the world, no engagement with issues of injustice, poverty, corruption, etc.? 
OR “God’s Kingdom on earth” worldview – engaging in social issues – nation building – influencing with transformational Kingdom values? 

Part 3
The culture of God’s Kingdom and discipling nations
Why the Kingdom belongs to the poor – issues of poverty, economics, business, development – how to practically engage and be catalysts for God’s kingdom culture to advance – to transform communities and nations.

The objective of this workshop is paradigm shifts in our understanding of : 

*The Gospel : Not just the good news of salvation, but the good news of the Kingdom

*The Church : Not the center of Christianity, but the agent of God’s Kingdom on earth

*The Kingdom of God : Not where we go after we die, but God’s rule and domain that has come to invade and overthrow Satan’s kingdom, and that demands the surrender of man’s kingdoms

* True Spirituality : Not self-centered inner piety, but “other-centered” love

*Our Mission & End Goal : Not church growth, but nations discipled for God’s Kingdom advance

Some responses from participants after attending the workshop : 

“How is it that we have been pastors and leaders for so many years and some of us even teach in seminaries but we had never seen this before?” 

“You have really made me re-think what is it I really believe” 

“My understanding of Christianity has been turned upside down”

“The congregation .. was blown away by what you said … It has transformed a lot of people’s concepts … They are responding to needs around them – one young girl pulled off her slippers spontaneously one morning when she saw the guy who collects garbage walk with no shoes. She was so excited to talk about her freedom … Several of them are actively involved in peoples lives as friends and neighbours … They have finally stopped “bringing them to church” … They have really got it that they ARE the church … Three of them are going to start teaching the street kids in their area on weekends … For days after you left J and I were so shaken … I remember one night after you left I was in prayer … I was so restless … I was hungry at midnight … I went to the kitchen laughing and saying “Eng Hoe you have really troubled me!!!” 

About  ENG HOE

Eng Hoe is married, with 3 grown up children. He was a Barrister at Law, from Lincoln's Inn and practiced as an advocate and solicitor in Malaysia for 10 years. 
He left his legal practice in 1994 and pioneered a crisis relief ministry, training and leading teams from Malaysia and Singapore to crisis situations in many nations. 
He now conducts workshops on the Kingdom of God, and gives crisis response and community transformation training in many nations.


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